Know About The Professional Hardfloor Cleaning Services In Long Island, NY

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If your finish requires retouching, Stratus Building Solutions is here to help with professional hard floor cleaning services in Long Island, NY

. To completely and safely remove any old floor covering, the experts employ fast-acting chemicals developed for optimal wooden floor stripping. Following that, they apply a skilled polymer finish to protect your floors from pedestrians, water, and other weathering elements.

Services Offered by Stratus

Dirt, foot traffic, dampness, and other variables influence the carpet in your workstation regularly as part of normal wear and tear. Several thin layers of polyurethane or a wax finish provide a glossy, reflecting sheen on many modern flooring. With adequate polishing, this layer can be strengthened or improved. By developing a cleaning program that matches your scheduling demands, we can maintain that coating beautifully and operate just as you want.

With our professional tile restoration services, you’ll get more than just a protected surface. Our new coats will help your floors sparkle and contribute to the attractiveness of any room, in addition to protecting what’s beneath the protective coating.

Commercial cleaning services

When you choose the specialized Professional Hardfloor Cleaning Services In Long Island, NY, you’re picking a staff with the knowledge and experience to deliver perfect results every time. Our commercial cleaning staff can adjust to material changes and build a suitable regimen that is the perfect blend of efficiency and thoroughness by using the necessary tools, processes, and technology in any case.

We also limit our usage of pressure washing, which can harm floor coatings, remove paint, or loosen grout, unlike other cleaning workers. Instead, we use the greatest equipment in the market to wash, buff, and dry any floors as needed. Schedule your first visit now to see what we can do to improve your floors!


So get started with Stratus’s most fantastic services and experience the essence of being humble in the flow of love and cleanliness all around you, all while being treated with the utmost care and commitment. Getting the services can ultimately give a amazing services out there. So why are you waiting for, get the best services from floor cleaning experience.