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Housing Resources Staff

Housing Resources has a staff of 37, including an Executive Director, Program Managers, field staff and administrative support positions. Currently, one-third of the employees were previously clients of the various programs provided by Housing Resources.

Executive Team/Staff

Eldon Krugman – Executive Director
Scott Layton – Deputy Director
Sheryl Rogers – Director of Accounting
Katie Bowman – Housing Development Director
Marisa Felix-Campbell – PR/Marketing Director
Jani Hunter – Office Manager
Corrina Adamek – Administrative Assistant

Property Management

Coleen Simpson – Director of Property Management
Jaye Baugh – Garden Village Property Manager
Brandy Gilson – Garden Village Office Assistant
Tim Hurley – Property Management Maintenance
Rick Johnson – Property Management Maintenance
Joe Leahigh – Property Management Maintenance
Ben Hansen – Rental Maintenance


Jani Hunter – Housing Rehabilitation Loan Specialist


Mutual Self-Help Housing

Mark E. Carrell, Sr. – Self Help Program Manager
Nannette Allen-Brown – Self Help Family Coordinator
Paul Iversen – Self Help Construction Superintendant
Ray Atkinson – Self Help Construction Superintendant
Christian Lutzow - Self Help Construction Superintendant
Don Deal - Self Help Construction Superintendant
Wendy Genkov – Self Help Accounting Administrator



Scott Layton – Director of Weatherization
Rick Hills – Weatherization Training Coordinator
Tristan Debruin – Weatherization Auditor/Inspector
Shawn Cox – Furnace Coordinator
Daphne Rotolo– Weatherization Administrative Assistant
Chris Esquibel – Weatherization Production Coordinator/Montrose
Isaac Sandmann – Weatherization Crew Leader
Mike West – Weatherization Energy Tech
Josh Jarvis – Weatherization Energy Tech
Chris Gilson – Weatherization Furnace Tech
Chuck Furnish – Weatherization Energy Tech
Ricky Unruh – Weatherization Energy Tech
John Johnson – Furnace Tech
Nate Kirby – Weatherization Energy Tech
Randy Muncy – Weatherization Energy Tech
Allen Luce – Weatherization Energy Tech/Montrose
Don Dowden – Weatherization Energy Tech/Montrose
Michael Stout – Weatherization Energy Tech/Montrose
Debra Lueck – Weatherization Administrative Assistant/Montrose
Marcy Child – Operations Manager/Durango
Dan Hinds – Weatherization Energy Tech II/Durango
Jesse Dransfield –Weatherization Energy Tech II/Durango